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The Cinema of Italy
The Cinema of Italy
     The history of Italian cinema began a few months after the first public presentation by the Lumiere brothers, on December 28th 1895 in Paris; after WWII the Italian cinema will become one of the most influential and prized worldwide. This new art was brought to Italy by the Lumieres during 1896. In March the first movies arrived in Rome, then in Milan, in Naples in April, in June in Livorno and in August in Bergamo, Ravenna and Bologna. In Pisa, the oldest and still operating Italian movie theatre, The Cinema Lumiere, was built in 1899.
The history of Italian movies: The first pioneer movies
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     The publication of the second volume of Pope Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth is being held up pending translation so it can appear simultaneously in a number of languages, the Vatican press office said on Monday.
"It's best for the book to be published simultaneously in the major languages, said the press office, stressing that "it will require several months" to finish the translations.
The first volume of Jesus of Nazareth, which became an international best-seller when it appeared in 2007, was a historical and theological presentation of the figure of Christ which drew on hundreds of works of modern research into the figure of Jesus Christ.

Vatican City, May 10
     Agriculture Minister Luca Zaia's controversial endorsement of McDonald's new all-Italian hamburger in Rome last week will see an encore performance on Monday at a franchise on the outskirts of Milan.
''The McItaly is made with 100% Italian ingredients and represents a huge opportunity for Italian farmers,'' the minister said on Friday.

(ANSA) - Milan, February 5
Italian Christmas Traditions
     During Christmastime, one readily observable difference between Italy and the United States, for instance, is the lack of crass commercialism that threatens to swallow up and completely secularize the holiday. For instance, instead of writing letters to Santa Claus asking for presents (or, in the digital age, e-mailing Santa Claus), Italian children write letters to tell their parents how much they love them. The letter is normally placed under their father's plate and read after Christmas Eve dinner has been finished.
Italians have also adopted some of the northern European traditions as well. Nowadays, especially in northern Italy, a fair number of families decorate an evergreen tree in their home. Here are some other rituals, customs, and traditions practiced by Italians during the Christmas holidays:
Ceppo: The ceppo is a wooden frame several feet high designed in a pyramid shape. This frame supports several tiers of shelves, often with a manger scene on the bottom followed by small gifts of fruit, candy, and presents on the shelves above. The "Tree of Light," as it is also know, is entirely decorated with colored paper, gilt pinecones, and miniature colored pennants. Small candles are fastened to the tapering sides and a star or small doll is hung at the apex.
Urn of Fate: An old tradition in Italy calls for each member of the family to take turns drawing a wrapped gift out of a large ornamental bowl until all the presents are distributed.
Italian Christmas Traditions
     Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi's lifestyle has earned him the accolade of 'Rock Star of the Year' from the Italian edition of Rolling Stone magazine.
"His lust for life and his inimitable lifestyle have earned him an incredible international popularity, especially this year," said a citation on the cover of the December edition, due out Tuesday.
The term 'rock&roll' "isn't enough" to do justice to the headline-grabbing premier, said editor Carlo Antonelli.

Rome, November 23 2009 - (ANSA)
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