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La Rocca nightclub in the Baltics

Essential nightclub in the Baltics

Faschion Discoclub in the Baltics

Double Coffee Bar in the Baltics



La Rocca
No doubt the largest and liveliest nightclub in the Baltics, this converted theatre provides entertainment for the eyes and ears in the form of techno, spandex garments that barely cover the waitresses' backsides, bartenders who wear paint in place of bras and hundreds of people trying hard to look their best. Surprisingly cheap drinks. Admission: 2 - 5Ls.

Club Essential
Having experienced the ill-fated disco that once occupied this space, we were relieved to discover that this trendy club is essentially a new creation or, to speak frankly, not another typical boring Riga techno club. In fact, it’s quite stylish offering a funky chill out room and several distinct, separate areas on two levels which are all a part of the action surrounding the central dance floor. The music is fast-paced and progressive which is what you’d expect given the talented DJs it imports from around Europe each weekend. Admission: 5Ls.

Faschion Club
The elegant Fashion Club is a partner of that captivating television channel Fashion TV and is located inside what used to be an exquisite theatre. Like the television show over which most men stand up with a puddle on their trousers (from the drool of course), the Fashion Club is centred on the fashion industry with regular runway shows every week. Shake your gluteus to the maximus with the latest entries on the dance charts or watch supermodels on the giant screen.

Double Coffee
The coffee house «Double Coffee» swiftly gained popularity and grew into a chain of seven cafes, each one identical in decor style (included are photographs and the history of the very first «Double Coffee»). The original design conception was to make a universally snug and comfortable place. Technical difficulties emerged with ventilation pipes and the entrance area. The pipes are played upon to become a part of decoration. The L-shape layout helped to arrange smoking and non-smoking rooms. The walls in non-smoking room are painted red and in smoking room they are yellow and green. Association with traffic light come to mind but the true reason is different: the smoking room was dark, now green and yellow fill it with light. The red color makes the non-smoking room a chamber. Poster style pictures and photos of coffee-beans brighten up the space. A special feature is a DJ console sarranged above the bar (DJs play weekends).

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La Rocca nightclub in the Baltics

Essential discoclub in Riga in the Baltics

Riga Faschion Discoclub in the Baltics

Riga Double Coffee Bar Restaurant in the Baltics Latvia

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