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Why learn Italian Abroad?

  The purpose of this page is to invite prospective students from different parts of the world to study in America. Undertaking university-level studies in the United States by a student from abroad can be forbiddingly difficult and expensive, but Collegiate Connections, Inc. (CC) has developed a series of simple steps that take the international student into American higher education in an easy, inexpensive and enjoyable manner.

The CC system takes advantage of a uniquely American feature, the community college system, and the way in which the community colleges interact with the four-year universities.
The community colleges are an American innovation dating from the 1890s. Today there are over 1,400 of these institutions. They have become an indispensable feature of the educational scene, and they have enormously boosted higher education in the United States.


From the beginning, the community colleges purpose was to offer the first two years of a college education. They have all the same requirements in the freshman and sophomore years as the four-year colleges and universities. Class sizes are small, usually fewer than 30 students, not the hundreds of students in the typical university lecture hall.
Because the campus and classrooms are smaller, the individual student can expect more personal attention than the four-year institution can provide. Community college tuition is about one-third that of a four-year university, and the student graduates with an Associate of Arts (A A.) degree or an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.


The community colleges have paved the way for a study track that has become enormously popular in the United stated. Simply it involves a two-year study at a community college during wich the student can plan and shape the study path that best suits his or her career plans.
The two-year study ends with the granting of an A.A. degree. The community college graduate now qualifies for enrollment in a four-year college or university. In fact, the student is assured admission to any of the hundreds of four-year institutions with transfer agreements.
This study model, popularly called the 2+2 Degree Program, lends itself particularly well to the needs of international students. Furthermore, we have found that the two years of community college studies allow the newcomer from abroad an ideal introduction and adaptation to American life, language and culture.


In order to move the student applicants as swiftly as possible toward commencing their higher education studies in the United States, the students and their families must contact us.
We will handle the formalities of collecting a small fee for booking the student. This opens the way for the students and their families to gain direct contact with Collegiate Connections, Inc. We on our part, will dispatch a staff member who will conduct an Entry Seminar for the students and their families.
During the Entry Seminar our staff member will verify that all applicants meet the TOEFL language requirements. Students should make sure that they are well prepared in this regard. Our staff will also answer the many questions students and their families naturally have.


Whether from Berlin or Bucharest whether from Bombay or Bogota', a young person needs an education that offers the best chance for lifelong success and happiness. Today, that requires easy familiarity with the English language and with the English-speaking world. An ideal time to acquire this is during a period of higher education in America.
Students in their late teens and early twenties are keen learners. These are precious years, when adaptation is easy and learning capacity is high. It should also be a time to enjoy the learning experience and make it treasured lifelong memory.
This can all be accomplished in the course of the initial two years at study in the 2+2 Degree Program. At Collegiate Connections, we are totally dedicated to making it happen.


The system of student selection and preparation developed by Coleggiate Connections, followed by the 2+2 Degree Program is simple, productive and successful. Consequently, we are now in a position to offer our students not one, but two enrollment guarantees.
First our students who meet the admission standard as determined at the Entry Seminar, are guaranteed admission to a community college. Second, after graduation with an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree o an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree, our students are guaranteed admission to an American four-year college or university.

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