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A plot in PortugalBuying property abroad has been made easier by the market-leading magazine Property Mart Overseas and their useful website, which includes listings, buying guides and plenty of advice for anyone considering investing in a property outside of the UK. The majority of property listed on the site is around Europe, with some of the most popular headings being property in Spain and property in France. Of course, these destinations have been popular with British buyers for decades due, in no small part, to their proximity to the British Isles and the comparative popularity of their languages in the UK.

Sunnier locations which are popular with second-home buyers include Greece and Turkey. Interestingly, the two nations are not the best of friends after a rather significant disagreement over Cyprus. Property in Cyprus falls into two categories - property in northern Cyprus, which is administered by the Turkish but not internationally recognised as a separate state, and property in southern Cyprus which is administered by Greece and is an internationally recognised state of its own. The property section on Property Mart Overseas lists property in Greece separately from Cyprus and property in Turkey.

Of course, Cyprus is not the only disputed territory in Europe. Spain and Britain's governments still refuse to come to any agreement over Gibraltar. While surrounded on all sides by Spain, the vast majority of Gibraltar's residents consider themselves to be more British and would rather remain under British rule. Accordingly, the majority of people who buy property in Gibraltar are British. As with many territorial disputes, the topic is regurgitated most often around election time, when a little nationalism has repeatedly been shown to go a long way towards winning votes. The most famous example of this was the Falklands war, which was fought by the Argentine junta to firm up a crumbling power base and defended by Thatcher's failing Conservative government to tremendous electoral effect.

Other popular hotspots served by the website include property in Portugal and property in Bulgaria. The latter has become very popular in recent years as people in Western Europe wake up to the fact that Eastern Europe sees fantastic weather during much of the year and has fantastic bargains to be found in beautiful locations. For more information on buying property abroad, check out Channel 4's advice. For an idea of prices, you can use XE, which converts currency in real time.

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