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Galatone is a town located in Salento, in the province of Lecce (Apulia, Italy), ancient seat of the Marquess of Galatone.

In the Middle Ages, Galatone was a Greek center: the Greek language was spoken and Byzantine rites were celebrated in churches up to the end of the 14th century.

The Church matrix
Chiesa Matrice
The Chiesa Matrice, devoted to the Virgo Assunta, was built between 1591 and 1595 on the area of a preceding church. The inside, on a Latin cross plan with four chapels for side, preserve the painted altars by Donato Antonio Of Orlando and an eighteenth-century copy of the Martyrdom of St. Sebastiano performed by Mattia Preti for the Neapolitan church of Saint Maria of the Seven Pains.

Church of St. Sebastiano
The church of St. Sebastiano, with the attached convent of the Dominican Fathers, rose in 1500 by the wish of the marquis Giovanni Castriota, as is attested by the epigraph above the portal.
Composed of a unique room with two altars aside, the temple preserves cloths of Donato Antonio of Orlando. The altar of the Rosary referred in 1731 by Mauro Manieri, displays the cloth of the Madonna of the Rosary of Orlando that the coat of arms of the Pinellis exhibits.

Church of the Immacolata
Centre of the Brotherhood of St. Giovanni Battista. It was built beginning in 1642 by the teachers Ortensio and Caesar Pugliese with the intent to connect it to a monastery of Clarisse that was never actualised. The church introduces a sober façade concluded by a broken crowning that rises in front of a niche with the statue of the Virgo, in respect to the central window with grilles in pierced stone.

Church of the Crocifisso
It was built for devotion (1623) following a miracle which occurred on July the 2nd in 1621 at the presence of about ten witnesses. The façade is horizontally tripartite from mouldings of strong projection. The inside, with four intercommunicated chapels, is sumptuously decorated.


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