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  Otranto is one of the most important bathing spots of south Italy, famous for its clean waters, its splendid beaches, surrounded by a historical and a very attractive context.

Otranto is a small town where everything is on a human scale and where the locals are most welcoming to newcomers. Many take the time to stop and speak to you in Italian (the local population has very little English fluency, meaning that students will encounter a true Italian immersion), so you can speak Italian wherever you go.

learn italian - italian language school and course in Italy - holiday in italy and Italian language courses - vacation in italy and Italian language program

Otranto is a small lively and fascinating centre, ideal for an amusing stay study, where the places and the premises of entertainment appeal to young people's tastes. Here you will succeed in having continuous contact with the people that will make you to feel the town’s warm hospitality. A holiday in Otranto is a different one with a special flavour. Situated in the extreme east side of Italy the town offers sands, bathing establishments, bays, marvellous coves and natural caves.
Otranto is one of the 15 most beautiful small villages in Italy, officially recognized by ANCI (Association of Italian Villages). This town, during the summer is a lively epicenter for summering Italians, who visit in droves and fill the sandy beaches around the city. The nightlife in Otranto is lively and there are several modern and very busy Italian fashion stores.
Many people however, come to Otranto for the Cattedrale (Cathedral), originally begun by the Normans. Conserved within the cathedral's walls is the 12th-century mosaic pavement in the nave and aisles. The Cathedral is open in the morning until noon and in the evening from 5PM until 7:30PM. There is no entrance fee.
learn italian at italian language school and courses in  southern Italy There is only one way to know this wonderful place: living it, discovering traditions and swimming in the most beautiful sea of Italy. A legend and treasure, that has the power to enchant and seduce as a bridge between East and West, between dream and reality, in one word: Otranto.

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