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  You can stay in private apartments also, which are located not far from the school by foot. Apartments have heating, television, and some have a balcony with ocean views, a veranda and furnished kitchen for the preparation of meals. Sheets and towels are supplied and included in the price. The cleaning of the flat and changing of linen happens every 2 weeks. Your accommodation is considered reserved from Saturday afternoon prior to the start of your course until the Saturday morning following the last day of your course. Various days of arrival and departure upon request.

In alternative is possible to demand the accommodation in family in single room with breakfast treatment (is also available the treatment of average pension). The services are generally shared with the family. It is also available the accommodation in double room, for two students whom they reserve together. The families are located to a distance of approximately 10 minutes on foot from the school and are accurately selected from the attached staff of the school. Who wishes can stay near hotels or in other receptive structures.


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