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CILS Preparation Course
The Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language (CILS) is the official title that denotes the degree of linguistic competency of Italian as a foreign language. The CILS is awarded by the University of Siena for Foreigners and is recognized by the Italian State on the basis of an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The ILS school organises courses for preparation of the CILS exams.
Least duration of the course: 1 week x 20 weekly lessons of 50 minutes
Cost of the course: 383 € per week

CELI Preparation Course
CELI is a certificate of Knowledge of the Italian Language which is recognised by the University of Perugia for Foreigners’ Certificates. The University is a member of ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe).
The ILS school organises courses for preparation of the CELI exams
Least duration of the course: 1 week x 20 weekly lessons of 50 Minutes
Cost of the course: 383 € per week

CEDILS Preparation Course
La CEDILS VENEZIA è una certificazione della competenza in didattica dell'italiano lingua straniera o lingua seconda rilasciata dall'Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia.
La ILS organizza corsi di preparazione per l'esame CEDILS.
Least duration of the course: 1 week x 20 weekly lessons of 50 minutes
Cost of the course: 383 € per week

Fashion Course
If you are a professional or you want to improve the Italian Language of Fashion, ILS proposes a course to discover or to deepen the Italian Language Dictionary and idioms about Fashion.
The course provides participants with solid language and vocabulary knowledge in the fashion and design field. The course will give an insight in the sociological and historical aspects of the industry also.
The course is suitable from beginners to advanced
Least duration of the course: 1 week x 20 weekly lessons of 60 minutes
Cost of the course: 465 € per week

Grammatical Objective (for Beginner/Intermediate)
This course, only available in addition to the standard courses, deals with Italian grammar. Particular emphasis will be placed on the construction of sentences, the function of the subject and predicate in a sentence, the complement object, transitive verbs, tense conjugation and the use of principal verbs in a discourse.
Least duration of the course: 1 week x 3 weekly lessons of 50 minutes
Cost of the course: 60 € per week

Commercial Italian
In this course we will engage students in: the layout of commercial relationships, and of fax and letters. Particular emphasis is placed on speaking, with exercises that aim to consolidate the language used in lectures, presentations and telephone conversations. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Professional are used for the layout of letters and statistics. PowerPoint is used for the creation of graphs and presentations. Use of Internet and the electronic mail accompany all the above.
Least duration: 1 week x 20 weekly lessons of 50 min
Cost of the course: 222 € per week

Italian literature
A trip through the Italian literature. The course is organized in daily seminars each of the duration of 3 lessons (two lessons of reading and conversation + one lesson of grammar).
Cost of the share to one seminar 66 €
Cost of the share to 3 seminars 170 €
Cost of the share to 5 seminars 277 €
Cost of the share to 8 seminars 434 €
Cost of the share to 10 seminars 535 €

Course of Typical Salentina Kitchen
We arrange practical lessons to learn in an amusing manner the preparation of typical local dishes: "the Sagnes, Macaronies and Auricles, Parmigiana, Peperonata, Bruschetta, "Pittule" and "Frisella", just to mention a few. There is plenty to taste, and the food is accompanied by great Salentina wine.
Italian Gastronomy
Cost of the course 26 €

Summer School of Italian for kids (not available this summer)
The summer camp is situated in Otranto’s countryside and very close to beaches, ideal for spending a fascinating holiday in Salento.
Duration of the course 2 weeks
Cost of the course 1075 €

Course of Computer Science
Use of the principal packet of programs of Microsoft: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
Duration of the course 35 lessons
Cost of the course 611 €

Introduction to the Wine
For those wine connoisseurs out there, you will have the opportunity to impart in the tasting of pugliesi wines including a look at their history and production!
Least duration of the course 1 Lesson
Cost of the course -----

The ecdl is a certificate recognized at an international level, which certifies those who possess it to be able to use the computer in a qualified efficient manner.
To get the ECDL, the candidate has to overcome a theoretical test and six practical tests, disbursed by test centres accredited to the European level, some of which are in partnership with our school.
Duration of the course 120 lessons
Cost of the course 1893 €

And it is possible also to frequent only one of the followings classes:

Basic concepts of Information Technology
Duration 12 lessons
Price 186 €

Use of computer and management of documents
Duration 10 lessons
Price 186 €

Elaboration texts
Duration 15 lessons
Price 180 €

Electronic sheet
Duration 20 lessons
Price 363 €

Duration 30 lessons
Price 585 €

Presentation and design
Duration 20 lessons
Price 363 €

Informational services on line
Duration 15 lessons
Price 308 €


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