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Finding work is hard in Italy because unemployment is so high. In Sardinia for example, the unemployment rate is 19%.
But dont let this put you off from turning your dream into reality and moving to Italy:
our school is actively seeking new local representatives in all parts of the world:
If you are intrested in working with us as a teacher, touristic guide, tour-operator, agent or everything else, please write to us an e-mail.

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Want to work in Italy?

Media and communication, tourism, finance and international business are the main job sectors open to foreigners. If you are after a top executive job, then searching through Italys national papers could be a good place to start. The Corriere della Sera publishes Corriere Lavoro every Friday (, which features the latest employment trends in Italy, profiles various companies, and also lists job vacancies around the country. In its main section, the paper also publishes an average of five pages of job ads every Friday, usually for management positions. The financial paper Il Sole24Ore, (, is also a good bet.


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English Teacher

AU PAIR in Otranto 2020

The expression AU PAIR literally means on a par. What it actually consists of is living with a family where, in return for 40 hours of domestic help a week plus two or three nights of baby-sitting, you receive food, accommodation with a private room and some pocket money.
The AU PAIR experience often means living in an environment different from ours with respect to habits and customs. Knowledge of the language will, of course, improve notably, but adaptability and flexibility are also fundamental requirements if the experience is going to be a positive and pleasant one.

Job Title: Baby-sitting and domestic help
Job Location: Otranto (Lecce) - Italy
Requirements: You must be a young woman between the ages of 18 and 42 and you must have had experience with children
Weekly Salary: 93,00 Euros + accommodation and food

Job details

Job Title: Waiter
Job Location: Porto Salvo (REGGIO CALABRIA) - Italy
Job Description: We are looking for 4 nice and friendly girls for job in a bar and pizzeria at villaggio turistico la zagara
Monthly Salary: 764 Euros + accommodation and food  >>>more


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