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Language schools commonly offer specific programs to those wishing to prepare for internationally recognized language exams such as:


Globally, English language schools have seen the greatest demand over schools for other languages. Over one billion people are said to be learning English in a second language or foreign language context. In the United States alone, ESL learners make up over one-third of all adult, non-academic learners.
English language schools are also among the most numerous in Asian countries such as China, Japan and South Korea, as Western culture influences the rising demand for English in business and cultural contexts.

Other European Languages

Spanish is the second most popular language in the language travel market followed with some distance by French, Italian and German. While demand for French, Italian and German is decreasing, the demand for other languages such as Chinese and Arabic has significantly increased within the last years. Total immersion Spanish language schools have become very popular in Latin America and Spain. Total immersion Italian language schools are popular in Italy.


Chinese is one of the largest growing languages among second or foreign language learners, and demand for such classes has typically followed suit. Language schools teaching Mandarin Chinese in the United States and the United Kingdom have increased in number over the last two decades.


Arabic has also grown in popularity in the last decade. Reasons include the continued growth of Islam worldwide (the Koran holy book is in Arabic), as well as cultural, economical and political reasons.


Russian has also grown in popularity in the last decade. Reasons include the continued growth of Russian science worldwide, as well as cultural, economical and political reasons.


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