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Structure of a Language School

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 Language School

As a general rule, new students take a placement test which enables teachers to determine which is the most appropriate level for the student. Courses can be organized in groups or for individuals (one-to-one lessons). These language schools, generally open all year round, are equipped with pedagogical material (books, tape recorders, videos, language laboratories, a library, etc.).


Most language schools are private and for-profit. Fees vary depending on demand for the language in the area where a school is located. Language schools are either independent entities or corporate franchises.

Language Teachers

Teachers are expected to possess native speaker fluency or acquired competence in their target languages; formal qualifications to become a language teacher, however, vary by school, region or country. Teachers may have graduated with a B.A, Master's degree or a Ph.D. Pedagogy, experience and strong teaching skills are the principal criteria during the recruitment of the language school's teachers.


Most language schools offer various kinds of accommodation to their students: host family (homestays), campus residences, shared housing, or even hotels.

Host families may live close to the selected school and students can go there walking or by public transport. The campuses and shared apartments, generally available for students aged over 18, offer various facilities such as an Internet access, TV sets, air conditioning or heating, and a shared kitchen.


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