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Italian Language School and Courses in Italy

Why Learn Italian Abroad?
  Learn Italian in Italy at the Italian Language School ILS in Otranto by the sea.
Italian Language School is in collaboration with the University for ForeignersDante Alighieri” of Reggio Calabria    >>> more

Università per Stranieri Dante Alighieri di Reggio Calabria

Learn Italian in Italy at our Italian Language Schools
The Italian Language School (ILS) is the best solution in Italy for a study vacation! It ranks among the best known language Institutes in Italy. ILS is open all year round for students of every age, level ...
About Otranto City
Otranto is a small lively and fascinating seaside town, ideal for an enjoyable language holiday, where there are many entertainment options available to young people: Otranto offers the possibility to ...
Accommodation in our College
The accommodation is in the building in which the school is located, in double or single rooms. Rooms have heating, air conditioning, television, and some have a balcony with ocean views, a veranda .....
Italian Language Courses
The courses are taught at all levels by native Italian speakers, university graduates who are specially qualified to teach the Italian language and culture. The school makes use of a new ...
Course Calendar of our Italian Language Courses
Course Calendar of our Italian Language Courses   Organize your vacancy course
Italian Language Test
Italian Language Test   Check on line your italian knowledge.
Price List of our Italian Language Courses
Price List of our Italian Language Courses   Trace your price in our list based for you.

We work under the Patronage of:

Lecce: also called "The Florence of Apulia"  Province of Lecce (The italian capital of baroque architecture)
The City of Otranto  City of Otranto (in Apulia - one of the most beautiful regions in Italy)
Salentinian Greece  Salentinian Greece (Eleven Greek towns that comprise a part of Salento the population can still speak Griko)
UNIONE DI COMUNI "Terre d'Oriente"  Unione dei Comuni "Terre d'Oriente" (Five municipalities in southern Salento that aim to preserve, protect and enhance the area of the five represented municipalities)
Unione dei Comuni Entroterra Idruntino  Unione dei Comuni "Entroterra Idruntino" (Quattro comuni del sud Salento che si occupano di valorizzazione dei beni culturali, ambientali, storici, architettonici e librari)

Italian Language School ILS provides italian courses.
Come here to learn the italian culture and way of life in: Otranto - Lecce - Apulia.
Learn Italian in Italy
in the famous small resort town of Otranto by the seaside,
live in a lovely residential district, just 50 meters away from the beach,
and just a few steps away from the city centre. We are also close to the railway station.
Otranto is one of the most beautiful small villages in Italy,
officially recognised by ANCI (Association of Italian Villages).
You will enjoy your time in Otranto with a wide choice of free time activities, living with Italian People, learning their culture, their cooking, learning about art, history and Literature.
ILS is open all year round for students of every age, level and nationality,
where you will learn in a friendly and informal atmosphere.
The small size of the school, a maximum of 30 students during the peak months and limited to 8 students per class, permits our teaching staff a personalized supervision of each student.
As point of difference from traditional Italian Language Schools, lessons are tailored to each student and they can also be individual rather than in a group.
All these factors combine to make the student feel comfortable from the first day.
ILS organizes CILS (recognized by the University for Foreigners of Siena) and CELI (recognized by the University for Foreigners of Perugia) exam preparation courses also.
ILS is a member of ENDAS: Officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Interior affairs.

Learn Italian while learning the Italian culture

If you are searching among Italian courses in Italy and among
the different Italian language schools and you are looking to really enjoy yourself,
you have found what you are looking for!
Come and experience an exciting and comprehensive Italian language programme!
 We have the best solution for a study vacation.
ILS ranks among the best known italian language schools in Italy!
All of our students have been very satisfied with ILS,
particularly with our linguistic program and the flexibility of the Italian Language courses.
The Rete! textbooks assist students’ progression and are divided into three levels to carry the students from the level of beginners, through to intermediate and then further to advanced.

Guaranteed Italian!

Learn Italian Language in half the normal time.
 With our method, the students take only 40 hours to speak and understand basic Italian, otherwise the School will give you free Italian lessons until successful.
The method
of our Italian Language Courses
is structured to facilitate the development of your ability to communicate without neglecting the importance of grammatical structure.
In Addition, ILS offers different types of courses (group or individual, with different levels of intensivity) in order to respond to the needs and objectives of each student.
Courses are available in Italian Literature, Commercial Italian, and ECDL European Computer Driving License.
Supplementary courses in regional cuisine and wines are also available.
Join us in Otranto and ILS for the perfect Italian environment: "sole, mare and la dolce vita”.
Learn the beautiful italian language while sampling the culture, the nature, the cuisine, the history, and the art, or, just simply relaxing on the beach in good company.

ILS Italian Language School
Head Office: Vico Antonio Sforza, 18 - 73028 Otranto, (Lecce) - Apulia  -  Italy
Geographic Coordinates: N 40° 09. 184' - E 18° 29. 246'
Phone & Fax: +39 0836 805350 - Mobile: +39 329 2956361
Web:  - E-mail: info@ilsonline.it

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ILSItalianLanguageSchool
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ILSONLINE
VAT: 04551210752 - Italian Fiscal Code Card: 04551210752
Chamber of Commerce of Lecce: 300657
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