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Pay the required deposit by one of the following methods:

1.    Bank account:
Banca Popolare Pugliese di Otranto
Bic Code: BPPUIT33
Account to: CA.DI.FRA. SRL
IBAN: IT49 X052 6279 860C C028 1216 684

2.   Check to:
addressed to Vico Antonio Sforza, 18  73028 Otranto(Lecce), Italy

3.   Wester Union to:
Bortone Carlo,
addressed to Vico Sforza, 4  73028 Otranto(Lecce), Italy

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The information provided or otherwise acquired by our activity, may be communicated to physical or judicial persons, in Italy or abroad who, for and/or in the interests of our company, provide specific processing services or connected, instrumentals or support activities to those of our company, or activities fundamental to the institution and/or execution and/or conclusion of an established or in phase of establishment commercial or contract business.
We inform you that, relating to those uses, You can exert the rights of the art. 7 DLgs 196/03.


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