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Italian Language School ILS, is one of Italy's most outstanding Italian language schools, is situated in a nice residential district, in a newly renovated independent building, 50 meters away from the sea, 5 Minutes away from the city centre and from the rail station afoot.

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The Italian language school ILS is open all year round for students of every age, level and nationality, with a friendly and informal environment in which to study the Italian Language and develop friendly relationships with students and Italian Language teachers.
ILS’s objective is to offer high quality, stimulating Italian language lessons in a warm and friendly environment. Classes have a max of 8 students, using teaching methods that focus on developing conversational skills, without neglecting the study of grammatical structure.
The school is trying to distinguish itself from other Italian language schools through its teaching methods (a gradual didactic program) suited to every student and group.  We pay a lot of attention to the special needs of each student and the teaching method is based on a fundamental communicative approach, where the grammatical elements are taught and practiced through conversation.

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Students can use a library and a videoteca (where they can find every kind of book, essay, novel, dictionary, Italian newspaper, and the most famous films from the Italian cinema). They will also find a multimedia linguistic laboratory.

Learn Italian in Otranto at the Seaside

Italian Language School ILS was founded in 2003. The school has experienced and graduated teachers that sometimes take turn with poets, local artists, teachers from other Italian Language schools. To understand the local economy, there are also experts on restoration, tourism, farming and sport.
ILS’s team of motivated teachers are all mother tongue, professionally qualified and have many years of experience teaching Italian language to foreign learners.
Learn more about the city of Otranto, about its history and its cultural life and past with our Italian Culture Courses, you'll find all the information you could possibly want about the city of Otranto.

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Learn the Italian in Otranto. Learn the Italian language in Italy with our tuition.
Program for learning the Italian language in Italy. You can study abroad while visiting the city of Otranto
ILSONLINE Circolo di Cultura Italiana
 Head Office: Vico Antonio Sforza, 18  -  73028 Otranto (Lecce) - Italia
Mobile: +39 329 2956361  - Phone: +39 0836 801552  - Fax: +39 0836 805350 -

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