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  "Comisión de Intercambio Educativo" known as COINED, is leader in the field of intercultural exchange and international education since its creation in 1971.

At the moment, COINED offers Professional Internships, Volunteer Projects, High School Program, Teach Abroad Experience and Spanish Immersion Courses in Argentina, Chile, Guatemala and Spain. Today, COINED has offices in Argentina, Germany and Spain bringing to thousands of participants from around the world a professional and flexible service every year.
Through the cooperation of a number of former participants, COINED has evolved into a dynamic organization, constantly thriving for the highest standards in quality and on the lookout for new services.

COINED - Spanish Courses and Intercultural Programs

More than 30 years of experience in intercultural exchange and international education · Member of FYTO, ALTO, GWEA and BELTA · Cooperation with ZAV (International Employment Agency) in Germany · Schools in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Bariloche and Ushuaia in Argentina, Santiago de Chile in Chile and Antigua in Guatemala · Offices in Argentina, Germany and Spain.

Spanish Courses

You can choose to split your Spanish course in six different cities and enjoy the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, have fun with the university life of Cordoba, climb to the top of The Andes in Mendoza, explore the wonders of Patagonia in Bariloche, and even travel up to Ushuaia, the closest city to Antarctica. Perhaps your choice may be the modern metropolis of Santiago in Chile.


Since 1971 COINED has been offering Spanish courses and intercultural programs to thousands of students from around the world.

Through the cooperation and assistance of a number of former participants, COINED has evolved into a dynamic organization, constantly thriving for the highest standards in quality, and on the lookout for new services to offer.

COINED has designed and developed a wide range of study abroad programs based on cultural immersion experience in a cross-cultural context. Among these programs you can find:

  • Spanish Courses
  • Internships
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Study Trip
  • Scholarship

What participants like about COINED

Excellent locations in Argentina, Chile and Spain: COINED offers study abroad programs in different interesting locations. In Argentina; our programs take place in internationally recognized cities such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Bariloche, and Ushuaia. The Catalan city of Barcelona, the modern Santiago de Chile and the enigmatic Antigua in Guatemala are also our locations. Our participants also have the option of combining different cities within the same continent.

Experience: Since our foundation in 1971, thousands of students from all over the world have participated in our study abroad programs, which adapt to the particular needs of each student.

Broad range of intercultural programs: COINED has designed and developed a wide range of study abroad programs based on cultural immersion experience in a cross-cultural context. Among these programs you can find:

  • Professional Internships
  • Volunteer Projects
  • High School Program
  • Teach Abroad Program
  • Spanish Immersion Courses


COINED, in co-operation with local tour operators, is offering a program in which you will have the opportunity of combining an intensive Spanish course with a complete tourist program that you will share with a group of people from Argentina as well as from abroad.

During the week, students combine an Intensive Spanish course with extra curricular activities, such as guided tours to the historical town of Buenos Aires or Cordoba city or taking part in dance and cooking classes at the school.

During the weekends you will have free time to rest or explore Buenos Aires or Cordoba city. If you wish, COINED can arrange excursions outside the city (Please see below) where you can discover the beautiful countryside of Argentina.

Finally, you will travel to the North of Argentina or to Patagonia, passing through the most picturesque regions of the country.


This Spanish course is specially designed for students studying abroad with the goal of exercising practical vocabulary, grammatical structure, and intensive conversation.

During the classes, students will also be introduced to Argentinean culture. Our aim is not only that you learn and perfect your Spanish skills, but that you also integrate into the Argentine culture as much as possible.

The Spanish course is divided into three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Before the Spanish course begins, the professors will assess each student in order to place them in the appropriate level. The classes are given in the main offices of COINED. During the Spanish course the teachers arrange small trips to distinctive places throughout the city to help the students familiarize with their surroundings.

  • Duration: The Spanish course includes 60 lessons of 50 minutes each, and classes run everyday from Monday to Friday. Spanish Course schedules vary slightly according to the specific development of the final trip of this program.
  • Teachers: The teachers are native Spanish speakers from Argentina, experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. They all have University training and are culturally sensitive, which is fundamental to the interaction with the students. If possible, a teacher who is familiar with the native language of a student is assigned in order to facilitate the communication.
  • Certificate: At the end of the course COINED will issue a certificate of completion of the Intensive Spanish Course.

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Tel.++54 351 4226260

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