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Italy Visa for China Citizen

Method used in our Italian Language Courses  出签证申请

VISA SECTION - Consulate General of Italy in Canton

In order to apply for a visa at the Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou, Chinese and foreign citizens must be resident for at least 6 months in the consular jurisdiction (Municipality) of Guangzhou or the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and Hainan. Visa applications can be presented, personally or by an authorized person, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00 at the Italian Visa Application Center (IVAC) located at the following address:

Unit A – 2,3/F Guangzhou International Trade Center
No. 1 Lin He Road (West), Tian He District - Guangzhou, P.R.China
Tel.: 0086 20 38784008 - Fax.: 0086 20 38784453
Web: - e-mail:


IVAC is a private service provider, authorized by the Consulate General to receive visa applications. Evaluation and judgment of visa applications remains a strict competence of the Visa Section of the Consulate General.

Alternatively, appointments and related information may also be requested at the Visa Section of the Consulate General during working hours, as detailed below.

Application forms, invitation letters, fees and check-lists for all kind of visas are largely illustrated on the IVAC website ( Information concerning general rules, visa requirements and typologies, may also be obtained by visiting the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (

The Consulate General of Italy reserves the right to request additional documents besides those indicated on the checklist. Please note that submission of the required documentation does not necessarily imply granting of the visa.

It is strongly suggested to apply at the IVAC, with a reasonable number of days in advance (at least three weeks), before the departure date.

Visas will be issued within five (5) working days. Changes may occur due to peak seasonal demands and/or to the kind of visa applied for.

Information and visa application status may be requested at the IVAC counter through e-mail ( or through “Track Your Passport” a service provided online by the IVAC.

A Call-Center is also available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00 (holidays excepted) at the following numbers:

400 820 0557 from China mainland
0086 21 38824738 from outside China.

A directory of frequently asked questions (and answers) about Visa is also available.

Business Fast Track

Through the IVAC service, according to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Italian Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce of Italy in China, all commercial partners and foreign staff employed by companies members of the Chamber of Commerce of Italy in China (CCIC), may take advantage of facilitations when applying for visas.
Same benefits are also extended to Chinese businessmen, thanks to a co-operation agreement with CITIC Bank China.

Tourist Groups

Chinese citizens who intend to travel to Europe joining tourist groups following pre-determined itineraries may contact local tourist agencies and apply for an ADS visa.
Please be advised that only travel agencies previously authorized by “China National Tourism Association” (CNTA) and accredited by one of the Schengen Embassies can submit ADS visa applications.
For general information concerning the ADS agreement between UE and China, we kindly suggest you to visit the Italian National Tourist Information Bureau (ENIT) website, which also contains an updated list of the Italian tourist operators now accredited.

Holders of Passports for Public Affairs

According to Chinese law, Chinese citizens holding Diplomatic, Service and Public Affairs passports (marked with the letters D, S or P), can apply for Italian Visa only through the competent Chinese Foreign Affairs Office (FAO).
Only after receiving approval for abroad missions, the FAO will deliver applications and passports to the Consulate General of Italy.
The FAO is constantly updated on visa applications requirements and will provide all the necessary assistance to submit visa application.
Any information concerning visa applications already submitted can be directed to the FAO. Once returned by the Consulate General, passports may be collected at the FAO.

Pre-departure notice

We would like to remind you that the Italian national legislation requires some fulfillments to be carried out by foreign citizens as soon as they enter the Italian territory. Click here to know those belonging to each visa typology.

On the website you will be able to find more information regarding foreign citizens’ stay in Italy.

Complaints Book

We would appreciate very much any comment and observation on the service performed by the Visa Section of the Consulate General and by the Italy Visa Application Center, particularly we would appreciate a detailed report of any inefficiency on the procedures mentioned above, or any other suggestion.
Reports can be sent to the following email:
or via written statements in the “Comments and Suggestions Book” available inside the waiting room of the Consulate

Visa Section public opening hours

From Monday to Friday - From 9:00 to 11:30
Tuesday and Thursday - From 14:30 alle 15:30
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