Guide to Puglia
Guide to Puglia

Guide to Puglia

PUGLIA, a balcony on the Mediterranean


  Apulia, land of passage, land between two seas, balcony on the Mediterranean, crossed from marine and land routes, that remember memorable, mythical and historical peregrinations.

Those mysterious ones of the Pelasgi, the mythical landings place of the Cretesi and the Greeks, literary navigation from "Eneide" and from "Odissea", but also the historical migrations of the Japigi, Dauni, Peucezi and Messapi. From the prehistoric civilisations Puglia has inherited a concentration of dolmen and menhir equal only to that one of the Bretagna. Its splendid cathedrals constitute one of the mhours fascinating Italy destination. From centuries we take cure of who crosses our region, always with the intention to help who needs. You can imagine, then, which incredible acceptance we know to reserve to which they come in order to enjoy our beauties.

The Trullis of Alberobello
Alberobello rises on two hill; on that oriental, there is the new city with modern architectural characteristics, on that prepared to West the they are found "Trulli", in an urban agglomeration divided in the two neighbourhoods: Mountains and Aia Piccola, both national Monuments and from December 1996 recognized by the U.N.E.S.C.O. World Patrimony of the humanity.
The history of this unusual town goes up again to the second halves the XVI century, when, small feud under the dominion of the Acquavivas, Accounts of they Converse, it started to become populated himself/herself/themselves of farmers that made this fertile zone. The Accounts authorized the farmers to build the residences to dry, so that to be able to be destroyed in case of regal inspection, since the birth of an urban agglomeration demanded the payment of the tribute according to the law in vigor to the epoch, with the astute proposal the heavy tax was avoided. It raced the year 1797 and a group of brave alberobellesi, tired of the precarious condition, it went him to Taranto to ask aid to the king Ferdinando IV of Borbone that listened and it promised.
May 27 th 1797 the King Ferdinando IV of Borbone listened to the incessant protests and decreed I free the village.


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