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  Only in the salentina's peninsula can you find sea, sun, fun, history, culture, society life, relaxing and carefree holidays. A holiday in Otranto is a different one with a special taste. Situated in the extreme east side of Italy the town offers sands, bathing establishments, bays, marvellous coves and natural carves. There is only one way to know this wonderful place: living it, discovering traditions and swimming in the most beautiful sea of Italy.

A legend and treasure, that has the power to enchant and seduce as a bridge between East and West, between dream and reality, in a word: Otranto.
Otranto’s historic name is Hydruntum, its origin is mysterious and full of legends. It is said that the town was founded in the Noè's era or by Ercole, and that choose it after the murder of the giant Leuternino; however it is also said that Cretans created Otranto when they reached its coasts and decided to establish there because of its plentiful spring waters. It is known for certain however, that in 1480 Otranto was conquered by Turks who decapitated 800 men, and of whose bones are kept in Otranto's cathedral.

The “Five Sails”
It's the special prize that the Touring Club and Lega Ambiente give to cities which are involved with particular skill in ambient safety, seawater quality and tourist services. Otranto has obtained the “Five Sails” prize in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2013, 2014 as the best city in italy.


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