How to get to Otranto
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How to get to Otranto

 How to reach us from all the main European cities

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Reach Otranto by airplane
To reach Otranto you have to reach Lecce first (by train) or Brindisi (by plane or by train) and then you can take the line buses to Otranto.

By airplane
The Airport in Brindisi is around 45 kms from Lecce and 90km from Otranto, with flights directed from Rome and Milan.

Alitalia - Italian Airline -

Ryanair - Europe’s largest low fares carrier -

EasyJet - Cheap flights to Italy -

Seap - Apulia Airport -

Hapag-Lloyd Express - Cheap flights -

You can also reach Bari by means of RYANAIR from London. From Bari to Lecce you can take a bus or train.
Otranto is not very distant, here are some examples:

 Milan-Brindisi: 1,30 hour
 Rome-Brindisi: 1 hour

Rome Fiumicino Airport -

School Transfer Service 2023:
From Bari Airport/station to Otranto: € 189,00 one way
From Brindisi Airport/station to Otranto: € 89,00 one way
From Lecce to Otranto: € 55,00 one way
From Maglie to Otranto: € 34,00 one way
From Otranto to the School: € 22,00 one way
Reach Otranto by train
By train

You can easily reach Lecce from any main Italian city. From Lecce you can reach Otranto by train (Ferrovie Sud-Est) or by public and turistic bus (Salentoinbus).

Milan-Lecce: 10 hours
Rome-Lecce: 6 hours

Ferrovie dello Stato

Reach Otranto by ship

By ship

You should arrive to Brindisi's harbour

Brindisi Port Informer

Reach Otranto by car

By car

If you arrive by car from the North of Italy, you have to drive along the Sole motorway (A14) as far as Canosa and then you have to take the clearway Bari-Lecce. From Lecce the main road leads you as far as Otranto.

As for the arrival in Lecce, Brindisi or Bari, you can reach us in taxi or ask for our service of private transport, which should work out cheaper.

Italian Motorway


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